Since the summer of 2017, we've been working with the 100 Gates Project and the NYC Department of Small Business Services' Neighborhood 360 program to connect artists with our small businesses, to create original murals each store's roll-down security gate. This sanctioned street art created by the minds and hands of some of the city’s most talented, hard-working artists helps to beautify the neighborhood -- transforming our streets into an open-air gallery that is "open" even when our stores are closed.

See below to learn more about each business and artist.

Outdoor clothing bazaar — Patterns by Andrew Harley

Manding Clothing Co. & Sun Car Center — Harlem Jazz by John Carr

Closed juice bar — Old School Jam by John Carr

Queen Natasha Pawn Shop — Riches by Paul Deo

Baba Fashion — Baba in Senegal by Paul Deo

Uptown Veg — Jah Live by Paul Deo

Total 125 Beauty — Beauty by Paul Deo

H&M Art — Wings by ANJL

Sword Class NYC — Fight Harlem by Kumasi Barnett

Harlem Berry Beauty Lounge -- Ruby Bridges by Sharon De La Cruz

Big Russ Barber Shop -- A slam dunk by SoulsNYC

The old Samen Deli -- Sunshine pop by Gera Lozano

Sisters Cuisine -- Caribbean women by Andre Trenier

Charlie's Place  -- Koi fish by Tiara Zhane

Emery Rose Salon -- Rose face by Danielle Mastrion

Jahlookova -- Elephant scene by Kristy "D.Gale" McCarthy

Direct Print -- Rastaman by Funqest

Lady Lexis Sweets -- Pink, purple & cookies by Jai Greencaps

Wild Olive Market -- Food pop by Adam Negron

Bitter Orange Cafe -- Rooster city by Shanequa Benetiz

Madison Avenue Hair Studio -- Zen scene by Matt Samuelson