Think you've got to head downtown to get sushi? Nope, we've got it right here! Any day you stop by Charlie's Place, you'll most likely find merchant Yun Hee behind the register, with husband Charlie in the kitchen. (Yes, there's really a "Charlie!") The shop has all your regular sushi favorites -- from udon to sashimi to tempura -- but if you're going for a roll, make sure to make it a "125th Street" or "Madison Avenue." Those two come packed with chicken fingers and sweet potatoes.


1960 Madison Avenue (b/t 125th & 126th)


Mondays-Saturdays, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.



Looking for the name of a tune you heard on the Charlie's Place playlist at the Uptown Grand Central plaza? Click on the links below and groove along at home:

Heaven by After School
Soul Breeze by Brown Eyed Soul
Time of Ice Cream by Brown Eyed Girls
Tonight (Instrumental) by Orange Caramel
Vitamin by Girls' Generation
Havana by IU
Love Action (Instrumental) by Brown Eyed Girls
Happy Together by Super Junior
The Green Tea by Green Tea
Glasses by IU
Something by TVXQ
Runaway (Instrumental) by KARA
No Holiday by Cosmohippie
담배가게 아가씨 by Brown Eyed Soul
Curry by Norazo
K-Food Party by Wonder Girls
브라운 아이드 소울 - 똑같다면 by Brown Eyed Soul
Your Name Is Prince by Bulnabang Star Sausage Club
I Don't Care (Reggae Mix) by 2NE1
Goodbye Summer by f(x)
BAE BAE (Instrumental) by Big Bang
Good Day (Instrumental) by IU
L-O-V-E (Japanese version) by Nat King Cole