See those sunshine doors open? Then stop by Grab A Bite -- our one-stop, pop-up snack shop where you can try the best from local small businesses!

Offerings change daily, so check our Instagram or Facebook (or the old-school blackboard in the plaza) to see what's on the menu. We'll also have pop-up tastings, where you can cast your vote on which items you'd like to see more of.


Thursdays & Fridays, 3-6 p.m. 

Sample Menu:

Uptown Veg juice (mango, sorrel, soursop, ginger & more)

Serengeti hot teas

Wild Olive apple cider & Taso's Trail Mix

Jahlookova patties (spinach, veggie, ackee, soy chicken or soy meat)

Sister's Caribbean bakes (curry chickpea, cabbage, callaloo & sweet potato)

Harlem Pie Man sweet butternut & bean pies

Sprinkle Splash Sweet Shoppe berry tarts

Jessie's Nutty Cups nut butter cups

Pipcorn popcorn

Fresh Routes "Sup" dinner kits


Thanks to support from The Partnership For A Healthier Manhattan, the NYC Department of Small Business Services, the office of  Manhattan Borough President Gale BrewerCommunity Board 11 and the NYC DOT on this project. We were also happy to welcome back mural artist Gera Lozano (from "Harlem Sunrise") to bring more sunshine to the box's doors and walls.