Located inside of the historic La Marqueta, Hot Bread Kitchen is a small business with a double bottom line: Not only do they bake a delicious line of breads from around the world, but they also train immigrants from across the globe in English and culinary skills. Founded in 2007 by Jessamyn Rodriguez, Hot Bread Kitchen now encompasses a baking facility between 114th and 115th streets, the HBK Incubates start-up food business incubator between 114th and 113th streets, and Almacen -- the La Marqueta storefront where you can buy just-baked breads. With a menu that includes not only American standards such as multigrains and challahs, but Moroccan m'smen (a buttery flatbread), Persian nan-e qandi (a round, sweet bread), Mexican nixtamal corn tortillas (available in both white and blue), you can eat your way from country to country. One bit of neighborhood knowledge: After 2 p.m., breads are "pay-what-you-can."


1590 Park Avenue (at 115th Street, inside La Marqueta)


Mondays-Fridays, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.